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June 2019                              Issue 148



On June 8th

went Down the Runway!



The Universal Artemis Art Bra, created by - the Dollmaker- was worn by Model And Breast Cancer Survivor

Debbie Thomas






sponsored by

where a jolly group of Women- all Breast Cancer Survivors-

get out there and model fantastical Art Bras

 for their annual Runway Extravaganza-

the Breast Cancer Resource Centerís flagship fundraiser.

This year they raised $676,000 on Runway Night!


Debbie's best friend came in from Florida, her daughter from Washington,

and her  Mom from Canada

all came to support her on Runway Night



They gave her a beautiful bouquet!



Her Friends and Family bought the Universal Artemis Art Bra for Debbie!

She is going to have it framed to commemorate her Runway Experience! So cool!


The Silent Auction was posted online two nights before the Runway Show.

Anyone could bid on the Art Bras, whether they went to the event or not...

Debbie's family ended the bidding by buying the Universal Artemis Art Bra outright!

So now Debbie OWNS the Bra she modeled!!













Playful, mysterious intelligences surround me in every direction.
I'm available!
I gleefully vow to shut up and listen reverently
on a regular basis.


-R. Bresney





My dear, your soul is so rich and complicated,
so many-splendored and mysterious,
so fertile and generous.
I'm amazed you can hold all the poignant marvels you contain.

Isn't it sometimes a struggle for you to avoid spilling over?
Like a river at high tide during heavy rains?

And yet every so often there come moments when you go blank;
when your dense, luxuriant wonders go missing.
That's OK! It's all part of the Great Mystery.
You need these fallow phases.

And if the present time might be such a time-
here's a fragment of a poem by Cecilia Woloch
to temporarily use as your motto:

"I have nothing to offer you now save my own wild emptiness."



-adapted from R. Bresney







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"Let me keep my mind on what matters,
which is my work,
which is mostly standing still and
learning to be astonished."

-poet Mary Oliver




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