The Wee Peeple Newsletter

November 2018                            Issue 141






Owl Everything!

a medley of Painted Owl Gourds, Owl Rocks and now

even wearable Owl Pins!






Applause for the many pilgrims who strode or stumbled across the Threshold of the

this Season



...Time to go... but- which way?

The Faire in November

and the ponderous



6th Weekend... skipping back just a little...

back 900 years or so... for Roman Orgy Weekend

ok kids ...these were the -uh- "Renaissance Romans"

They were all 900 years old and wore bed sheets.

and socks. with sandals.

and grape garlands.







 7th Weekend... and the pendulum swings the other way for

 "Heroes and Villains" Weekend

inspired by  

everyone's favorite Renaissance Characters

 from Science Fiction, comic books, popular movies, video games and Television!




...wait... what?






When I was a little bitty boy
My grandmother bought me a cute little toy
Silver bells hanging on a string
She told me it was my ding-a-ling-a-ling.. oh...

-Chuck Berry



8th Weekend... Highland Fling




(caution: Concrete benches may be cold)



Highland Fling Weekend... Fierce Contender for the archival "Relevance Award"





and the 3-day Grand Finale:

9th Weekend... Celtic Christmas



Thanksgiving > Black Friday > Christmas.

in that order. any questions?

Pure uncomplicated (financial) Genius!


Historical (may as well say hysterical) Accuracy...

as fleeting as 10,000 sets of blinking LED lights...

even while paradoxically surrounded by the Neon Glow of a 16th Century Village

a sense of Wonder will still be found in the



The story of
Waldo the Wonder Rat





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