December 2018                                        Issue 142







How much courage is needed
to play forever,
as the ravines play,

as the river plays.


Boris Pasternak -author of Dr. Zhivago

 from his poem "Bacchanalia"




" engage in an activity for enjoyment, recreation or diversion

rather than for a serious or practical purpose..."



To perform on an instrument:



...To behave in a teasing or joking manner; act in jest or sport..




the Dollmaker is learning that

Art is most satisfying when it is - Play.

...when the element of Play is invited to enter into the Creative process...

where the 'serious' melts away for a moment...

where the tiresome, constricted, overworked, contrived notions of

order, symmetry, balance, reason- even beauty- begin to morph-

into something slightly off-kilter- unexpected, innocent... even wacky..

and the unfettered purity of Play is allowed to alter the construction...

To experience this is to know freedom.




cultivating Pure Play in a serious adult world

is letting go- letting one's skill be "bent a little" favor of -having Fun!

like the rodeo clown

This kind of Play is not about winning or losing... it's more about diversion...



"When play moves into contest or other roles and rules, with winners and losers, it becomes

Cultural Play.


Issues of ego and narcissism are issues for Cultural Play

From "Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture"
by Shepherd Siegel











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