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May 2017         Issue 123


the latest report on...



which she prefers to think of as...

 ..a wayfaring weaving through shimmering portals of cosmic potentiality...


Ok. The Dollmaker was helplessly led astray by


or- Belt Skirts!

Belts... which are also sort of Skirts...

created by refurbishing  Pants...

or, as in this case... became more and more "distracting"...

 as she added colorful patterned fabrics and trims,

pockets, utility rings, chains, coin purses, spiral tendrils- and OMG!

The whole idea of costume Belt-Skirts was suddenly Irresistible!  Intergalactical!  Droll !

Heavens to Lightning!  Volcano Goddess Mind Flash! 


She saw-

a thousand and one fantastical Characters marching off-road through the Lands of Myth and Imagination

carrying their little lights along the winding passages of Time and Space...

all wearing Belt-skirts!

Woodland Characters, Sea and River Nymphs, Pixies, Elves, Faerie Queens! Cos-players!





A Vision for

~Beltskirt Making~

makes sense, as a natural extension

of the Dollmaker's usual

 Streaming Style...





Streaming Futuristic "Intergalactic Wear" for Humans

in costume who leave this Time-Space Continuum regularly

however, is just not really the same as "Dolls", at all.



 what these Beltskirts are is:

Funky Couture.


 but that name is taken... lol


Some real lacy Beltskirts

might certainly


as Bridal Attire...




or could even work as...


dare the Dollmaker suggest... Lingerie!



So, this is big. The Dollmaker may have another title soon:

 "Fantasy Belt-maker"

or perhaps...

  Intergalactic Fantasy Belt-maker!



 Beltskirt Styles... so far...

Ok, there's the lengthy-and-windblown tendril-streaked "Streamer" Style,

 the athletic baby-doll pixie razzle-dazzle or "Girly" Style,

the "Sometimes Steampunk" Blue-Jeans Style...

the "Honeymoon on Neptune" formerly known as "The Accidental Bride"


and beyond that, it's just "Uncharted Waters", folks.




...for people who bridge Worlds.





 so, in the month of May, lots of Beltskirts got made!


And even a few Doll Constructions too!

True! Two Goofy Tree Peeple Doll Constructions

attended and joked around the whole time with the guy in the bathing suit at




 Sage advice from "the Lucky Pancake"...


"Peace will reign on Earth when Humans Imitate Rocks."



It has also been discovered that the Raunchiest Pancakes in the Known World

can yet bring out the "pet-lover" in certain people

...and Sensitive Rock Critters found Joy.







was filled with Revelation and Song... sort of.

the revelation was... the genre known as... EDM...





And the Dollmaker was not the only one for whom EDM was a Revelation this month

 it would seem... 




 "Hysterical" became "Historical" as


smashed together for one Ravingly Mad Fleeting Moment in Time...


and That is all the Dollmaker will say about THAT!






uh-oh.  It begins...

 Where there's food - someone will show up to eat it.


The Tomato Hornworm.

Such a delightful little pest!

A work of Art, really...

a Storybook Character, really.


ah... so.... how could the Dollmaker mindfully kill a character straight out of

Alice in Wonderland!?


Hornworm Solutions:

Deciding the Fate of the proverbial "Hookah-smoking Caterpillars"



Unlike Some caterpillars, the Hornworm can be relocated.

Besides tomatoes, these critters will also eat the Texas Vitex leaves (a tree), the lantern plant (a weed), and Datura

as Mr. Gorge-ous is doing here- eating a hallucinogenic weed, preparing for flight. obviously.

But one day this guy just disappeared. The Dollmaker looked and looked, and finally found him-

 on Google:

They go through metamorphosis buried in the dirt.


Meanwhile, the mysterious, aggressive, (now up to the roof of the house)

Volunteer Tomato Plants

are caterpillar-free and thriving!








Rocking Smithville and Beyond...

The Dollmaker has created a new Facebook Group called


dedicated to Painting, Hiding and Finding Rocks!

Join in the Fun!




How? Just Paint a Rock! And then go and hide it!


Here's how it started in Smithville:

This is a Rock which looks like the head of some kind of alligator or dragon!  

Chief Librarian, Miss Judy, found this rock and gave it to the Dollmaker to Paint:

The Dollmaker painted the Rock and gave it to Librarian Dylan

to Hide in Miss Judy's office.

He put it way up on a top shelf... heehee

What a surprise she got when she spotted it! Yay!






Now then...
definitely Rocks!

This Owl Rock was painted by
Let's Rock Member Catherine Lewis,

and Then Hidden

in a Tree

in a State Park

 during a Camping Trip!!



Just like the proverbial "Message in a Bottle" (providing contact information)

Rockers ("Let's Rock" Group members)

are writing these Messages on the back of each Painted Rock they hide:

"Keep or Re-Hide"




Please Post (a picture) to

 on Facebook


This little boy found a Rock on his Birthday!

So, the REAL FUN part

is when someone finds your Rock and

 posts that they found it!

<<<<<< This amazing kid here

has to be the Poster Boy for

"Why we do it!"


Joy is Inspiring!

Peggy (a member of the "Let's Rock" group)

 hid her Painted Rocks... this one was found and now amuses a Pet Bird!


So join in the Fun, folks!





Find out more about Rock Painting Groups Across the Nation:




one very early Mother's Day morning

the Dollmaker dropped in to say hello to

 a few of her old buddies at

where she also got a new Hat (the blue one)


but the best part of Mother's Day Weekend was spending it with

Darling Daughter Shannon!



Hope all you Moms out there had a great Mother's Day too!




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