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 February   2014                   Issue  84


Still Life with Jawbone




the long slow journey






found on the Texas City Dike






woops! somewhere around the end of the month

Winter Gardening suddenly became Spring Gardening...


but the Dollmaker wanted

the heady fragrance of Hyacinths

Inside the house!





"Oh if only rocks could talk!" they said.






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Art using Recycled Materials





In the Dollmaker's recurring Vision 

Square Beads could clearly be seen dangling from her


SO>>> One (blessedly sunny) day she ventured out

and, while wandering, drifting and thrifting, chanced to look down,

and lying there upon a small table which was also for sale

waiting like a special delivery package from the Universe, was

 a bag of children's blocks.




The Dollmaker got to use her drill press for the first time in a year!





and Other Projects:


Dental Reconstruction



The two-part epoxy putty "Magic Sculpt" was the perfect medium for this job!

Sand first, before painting.





...with Carol's help a whole new crop of Mushrooms grew from single-spore clothespins...

(made for the Heart of the Pines Volunteer Fire Dept Fundraiser)




The Zen of working on the same painting for six years:

The painting


the journey.

3 years before and (almost) 3 years after the Fire

the Dollmaker compares the later version of this painting to

Munch's "The Scream"

Left: 2008                                          Right: 2014

and she's still  workin on it...


Okay okay

February need not be boring!

It's time for friends to have a Mead and stumble around



On a fine February day

an unsuspecting Dollmaker, visiting this Faire with her Brethren,

was standing literally right in the middle of yet another jolly group photo

when she became aware of that Inner Chime, which, when it rings, means:

"Pay Attention" to



The Dollmaker started to drift away from the chatting and camaraderie...

 ...and quite nearby, this is what she found...  


'They doe bring from the Newe Spaine [Mexico] twoo kindes of Rosine...

the one is called Copall.'

-John Frampton (Explorer, Translator) 1577


Copal  Incense


The Dollmaker had no idea how she knew at first scent that Copal was Sacred Smoke.

She just felt a kind of inexplicable secret excitement, like recognizing a Clue...

(hmmm... past life Shaman?  Sacrificial Virgin? ...another story in there somewhere...)


Indescribably deliciously aromatic, like woody amber-lemon, Copal smoke wafts languidly,

yet with an insistence so palpable- conjuring Something- Something-

she couldn't quite touch- a dream- a whole philosophy- a ritual- a temple job...

What IS this stuff, anyway?




"The word 'copal' first appeared in the English language in 1577.


  "Censing", defined as: "to perfume with incense"

 dates back to Pre-Columbian Times (BS...Before Spaniards)

when Indigenous Mesoamerican citizens liked to think of

Maize as the Sublime Food for Humans


Copal Smoke as the Sublime Food for Deities. 


one can imagine the happiness of their Deities as

billowing sacred smoke from tons of copal resin being burned

atop those Aztec and Mayan pyramids filled the skies...




Father Jose Luis Guerrero notes that in the valley of Mexico during the 16th century,

the shaman-priests inhaled smoke from copal to enter the trance state,

waving the smoke to the noses from the smoking censor.


And of course we know that Copal is burned year round in the churches in Mexico...

and during the Day of the Dead.




It is said that the familiar scent of Copal

helps souls find their way home.




Copal's magical properties are: Inspiration, attraction, invocation,
happiness, celebration,
purification, consecration, contact with other planes & exorcism with Other Planes?  Alright!

 but Exorcism?


     "The resin should be burned and the fumes allowed to pass over the body

 to protect oneself against sorcery, sickness, and misfortune

and to cleanse the body after contact with sick persons and corpses."



(and Zombies??)



So it is not surprising really, that

Copal incense smoke is also used for


Patterns in the smoke are interpreted by the Shaman.


the Shaman picks up fourteen grains of corn and holds them in incense smoke. 

 He then chants, asking the sacred hill spirits to guide him. 

Next, he casts the grains [of censed maize] onto the cloth and interprets where they fall.


In essence


 Copal emits an extremely positive and loving energy

excellent for smudging

Relaxing indeed.. once the diligent seeker of sacred copal smoke figures out how to get the little resin nodules to burn.

So, find a way to

 sprinkle a few granules onto hot charcoal in a fireproof bowl or brazier

which you can carry

and then just roam around bathing everything (including thineself) in the smoke.


Remembering all the while that copal aids in the Manifestation of Ideas to Reality.


Burn on, Copal, Burn on!



information taken from

Copal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia





Keep on changing.













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