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  November 2007                         Issue Nine    


A real fairy child - an actual sighting. This is a real photograph.


Things sure got Magical at the




Another "last day of the festival" photo.

Wait! Does this scene look familiar?

 Looking out into the pouring-down rain from within the Wee Peeple Doll Shoppe on the last day of the festival...

is this a deja vu or what?

see...this is TRF...


and  now this... 

is Scarborough Faire...

on the last day of the festival earlier this year:



Well... whether this be coincidence or conspiracy, we are


Open Rain or Shine. 

Broiling hot or Freezing cold.

LOL! Actually, the weather was exceptionally good

throughout most of the eight weekends of the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Attendance was up, rumors about Disney buying the Faire were down.


news flash for NEXT YEAR:

TRF will be open again next year

on the Friday after Thanksgiving...

no doubt due to the massive attendance we had this year


the Friday after Thanksgiving...


...this actually became a CONTROVERSAL ISSUE...






Oh alright... this is starting to sound like a story...

So...ok... it comes down to:

how do you celebrate Thanksgiving...

do you like to spend the day in your nice warm home, cooking, snacking, drinking, eating dinner with friends and family,

watching football, having dessert and coffee, relaxing, napping, getting drunk,

 visiting with folks you haven't seen in a while, laughing, playing card games, joking, carrying thanks!- you like to spend the day  packing and loading the van,

staying sober and driving for hours, staying up late decorating your shop for the Christmas theme

 and getting your merchandise out and on the shelves to be ready for three days of marathon money-making...?

hmmm... guess which one I would choose...


Well, no matter...

In the end, the weather was great for

the Friday after Thanksgiving...

and the day lived up to it's reputation

as being the biggest shopping day of the year.

When something like 28,000 people showed up on the Friday after Thanksgiving... it didn't take a rocket scientist to know how the vote would swing...

so, what could we do but just bite the bullet and try to keep up with 28,000 shoppers throwing money at us left and right!

but- you know what?


For all the Wees down in Weeville, Thanksgiving came anyway.


We were like pilgrims, travelling to a distant shore, with Thanksgiving dinner in a crockpot, over the river and through the woods,

encountering Thanksgiving all along the way. Feasts were everywhere!  People arrived with baskets of fruit

 ...and presents! for heaven's sake. Family gathered and stayed overnight in the shoppe!

It was a virtual Thanksgiving marathon! We ate for days and days and

much thanks was given.

ok, so then...

Following money-making friday there were two solid days of freezing rain...

yes, both Saturday and Sunday- on the last days of the festival-

few pilgrims braved the hostile elements; the ones that did tried not to put eachother's eyes out with their umbrellas

as foot traffic adhered mainly to the sidewalks in an effort to avoid large bodies of water,

which, while patterned with seemingly endless and compellingly interesting concentric circles,

still were quite daunting to cross through, even for the end-of-faire sales.

(All of which of course elevated the Friday after Thanksgiving to Legend status...)

and then the  last fireworks crackled and it was over

and we packed up the dolls and travelled back to our nice warm homes.

(for which, I guarentee you, we were all VERY thankful!)


and more thanks...

A loud applause goes blasting out to OUR NEW CRAFT COORDINATING TEAM OF WOMEN at TRF this year:

Shelley, Anne and Karen!  Hurray for whoever realized it takes three people to do that job well. Kudos for all you did!

Thanks to everywon who made this season at TRF so wonderful!

It was a really great year.


See you there next year!



The Fairies are watching you!

The Wee Peeple Dolls

have inspired animator Carol O. (otherwise known as "Granny Fairy")

to create some cool animations-

Watch for more in the future.




So, meanwhile...

what's going on right now with the Wee Peeple Dolls?


cascades of bubbles and beads....




Bubbles are rising above the heads!

Beads of all kinds are clustering and cascading...

The Sea Goddesses particularly are way more "BUBBLEY" than ever before.

And the HAIR!

 Real FRINGE! Very LONG fringe- for hair. This hair is exceedingly splendid. 

 You know how fringe feels- it's got a slippery sensuality to it and when it piles up at the base of the doll,

it looks like tiny rivulets of water pouring through the rocks back to the sea.

The dollmaker goes berzerk over this stuff and has been searching for LONG fringe for years.

Oh hee hee- happy was the day she found it.



There are a few other things in the works too.

The problem was the flatness of the little wooden faces.

Some of the Mini-Wees this season were constructed with Sculpy heads so that the nose at least would become more three-dimensional.

The hands were also made of sculpy.

They had their problems but when they finally arrived at the Texas Renaissance Festival,

these "improved" Mini-Wees sold right away, so that makes us wonder if perhaps we should make more like them...


Also, not pictured are the new "Prosperity Healers"

 whose Intention is to remind you to see yourself as Prosperous.

They have been holding bracelets with dangling coins.

The dollmaker is coming across other interesting symbols of Abundance for the Prosperity Healers to hold.

Watch for these dolls in the Spring.




So, are you going to Scarborough Faire?

It's thyme for the Wee Peeple to hibernate for the winter,

but visions of Scarborough Faire looming up in the Springtime will dance in their little doll heads.

Dates for all of you who plan things well in advance:


Scarborough Faire 2008

Waxahachie, Texas

Dates:   April 5th - Memorial Day (May 26th) 2008

8 Weekends


Wee Peeple Shoppe # 158


Call the Faire: 972-938-3247



the Wee Peeple will appear again in the Springtime...


Meanwhile, have a great winter.

Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker




Finding the Wee Peeple


in the Spring:



Dates:  April 5- Memorial Day (May 26th), 2008

Wee Peeple SHOPPE # 158


CALL Scarborough Office: 1-888-533-7848 


in the fall-
The Texas Renaissance Festival


Plantersville, Texas

Dates: Oct. 11th- Nov. 30th, 2008
Including the Friday after Thanksgiving

Call: 1-800-458-3435

Other Contact Information

  Phone Kandra:   512-332-6680    

  Write:   PO Box 326   Smithville, Tx. 78957

  Email:   BigKandra





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