The Wee Peeple Newsletter     

May 2009                       Issue 27


Behind the Scenes at

Scarborough Faire (the Rain-aissance Festival)

Singin the Blues


OUTRAGEOUS BLUES were played by local characters!

Totally Getting Down! with Zac, Tommy and Jonathon

after hours at the

 "Taylor Lane Music Festival"

... which was basically a whole bunch of really good musicians

who live in "the neighborhood" at Scarborough Faire

playing music in the evening on the Taylor Lane Stage for anyone who cared to listen..

And the rain-weary shop-keepers did come and listen...


Robert Firehawk and the beauteous Lucia (Jeweler)

rockin in their special Soulful Style...


and we have this man to thank....

The New Taylor Lane Music Festival 

brought to you by Howard (the Geode guy)

whose idea it was.

Thanks Howard! Let's do it again next year!



 it's a parade of 

Bead Head Doll Models



Girlfriends! You are looking  SO  FINE!






was modelling Bead Head Dolls when she was 3 years old


now... She's five and she's BACK!

Assisted by her Dad, Mia holds the Mini-Wee Dolls she picked out.



Casey, another BeadHead Doll Model, 

showed up on Mother's Day Weekend also.


This time she had a friend who needed a Brooch!

The Brooches.    Mostly for people.    Sometimes for monkeys.





Mother's Day was a hoot.

(speaking of monkeying around)

(The Holy Hand Grenade was passed to the Dollmaker,

who in turn passed it to Noobler)



Noobler, a Tinkergnome

who recently created his own  Spinning Universe


Planets revolve through Noobler Space

The Noobler Universe:

One day Noobler was cleaning up the yard

and he was finding this odd assortment of old balls, baskets, styrofoam noodles, string, etc...

and so, you know, he took just whatever was laying around nearby


 and made a Universe out of it. ..



...meanwhile a uniquely camouflaged bubble-machine

continuously releases smoke-filled bubbles

which drift and collide amongst the planets as they spin...

He was always a Gnome.

No, well, first he was a Rock Star... for real!

Then he packed his little Gnome bags and moved to New York City

where he worked on sets for Broadway Plays.

Now we begin to understand! 

This could explain why we returned to the Faire on Memorial Day Weekend

to find Noobler tinkering about, putting the final touches on

his Spinning Universe,

 which revolves on a wheel-chair tire

and is driven by a (battery-operated) Ryobi cordless drill.

The Dollmaker has seen the drill.  It's unbelievable but true!

So much talent in the Dollmaker's neighborhood!




Also known as "Brian" in a parallel Universe,

it turns out that Noobler is an awesome guitar player.

Here he is rockin on the Taylor Lane Stage with his buddies.


NOObleR!  wHAT  A GuY!

       His Website      




Everybody happy here.



so, Wee were giving out these All is Well Cards

 at the Wee Peeple Shoppe during Scarborough Faire:

Because, in the words of Louise Hay:

All is Well

Okay, now here is an example of how at first we thought this was

 just another goofy guy...

...til he taped the All is Well card to his shirt!

See what happened then...

A gorgeous blonde instantly fell in love with him,

 they bought dolls, got married and lived happily ever after!

          I'm tellin you!   All is Well!!!!         



And then there was

the Obligatory RAIN

Have I mentioned the RAIN yet? 

Everybody knows it always rains on Memorial Day Weekend...


while folks took shelter under umbrellas

and shop-keepers swept water out of doorways...

This group of wild and crazy young women began to twirl madly

 in the pouring down rain right in front of the Doll Shoppe!

The Triple Twirl!



Hey at least they didn't do THIS...


"Guess what: God created beings not to act in a morality play but to 

experience what is unfathomable, to elicit what can become, to descend 

into the darkness of creation and reveal it, to mourn and celebrate 

enigma and possibility. 

The universe is a whirling dervish, not a hanging judge in robes." 


- Richard Grossinger, On the Integration of Nature: Post 9-11 Biopolitical Notes



This is how the shoppe looked on the last weekend....



Then there was the Obligatory

           Crystal Hunt!         

Back to Arkansas- to Crystal Mountain- the Dollmaker did go!

a whirlwind adventure

These are the "Exhaustion pictures"...

taken after Ray somehow got this huge cluster

 into the passenger side of his small car.

Once it was home and washed, it turned out to be a very nice specimen.


With mud...and without... big difference!



And if you say spring wind explains nothing, tell me why,

when it scatters blossoms away, it blows them here to me?


-Wang Wei



til next time.....
















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