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          June 2008                          Issue 16           



Back on Crystal Mountain!

(well, that didn't take long)


Yes, quite soon after Scarborough Faire was over, the Wee Peeple took off for the hills.

Magical discovery can be exhausting! What with the sun beating down and the heavy loads,

but the crystals were clear and bright and everyone had a good time!





A Long-Awaited Visit with Brother Paul


Brother Paul flies in for a two-day visit!

We got together with brother Paul in Arkansas...

(remember, the Sea Captain...)

He even went on a crystal hunt with us and did good too!

It was great to see you, Paul...(he's out to sea again!)

Safe Journey to you!





Two Soft-Sculptured Heads.... right?


Looks just like two soft-sculptured fabric heads- doesn't it?

the kind we use in the Dollmaking Classes...

a flesh-toned one and a white one...

except that the white one is not made of fabric...

The White Doll Head is as hard as a rock- it's made of cast resin...

in other words, Bill said, "May I borrow that Doll Head?"

 and he made a mold of the doll head, and poured resin in the mold...

and presented them both, like a couple of flowers, to the Dollmaker.

The Dollmaker had to touch them to be able to really tell the difference-

They both look like they are made of fabric.


Interesting. Very interesting.

The Dollmaker isn't particularly enamored of the idea of

 changing from soft to hard sculpture...

But this resin stuff could definitely have it's applications.


For instance, some wild and crazy customers placed a special order at Scarborough Faire for

a PAN Doll-

You know, PAN, the satyr- friendly guy- if you are okay with goat horns and hooves-

(well, some like them, some don't- you know)

So the Dollmaker did remind those silly old customers of hers that,

 due to the fact that the Wee Peeple have more of a "draped" body style, rather than having, say, feet- or hooves...

But those nutty old customers of hers only laughed and said,

"Oh you'll figure it out! We have faith in you!"


Oh how the Dollmaker cringes when people say that,

but sometimes, the customer's wish comes true-

 by some twist of fate or karma or fervent intent, whether it be reward for asking for what you really want in life,

or some ability of the Universe to create something from nothing when there is vision and desire... whatever it is...

These customers are going to get their PAN Doll.

Starting with a soft-sculptured Doll Head on a stick, (in the backround)

the dollmaker added sculpy ears, horns, a brow, mouth and eyes.

Then Bill took the model and made a mold from it.

 (The model came apart- the horns and ears fell off in the mold-making process- see the original in the backround.)

Bill added a drop of dye to the resin so that the head would not be so white, and poured the resin into the mold-

The resulting Pan Head is a light brown, hard and durable resin sculpture, the horns of which will not break off if it falls over...

(which has happened in the past with sculpy horns).

Using this method, a set of matching resin hands and hooves will be made next- for that matter,

 the body, legs and arms could be sculpted in this way and then decorated in the usual manner, with fabrics, furs and trims.

Pan's hands will be able to have fingers, so he will be able to hold something- presumably- the Pan Pipes.

Interesting! Hmmm. There are a few other dream items I would like to try this with...

like Mermaid Bodies... their time has definitely come.




Now, what's this?

Looks like one of Joel's WEE MEN

furtively looking around before he enters the secret portal in the tree...

What you don't see in this picture is that the Secret Portals now come with a

(faux Stone) Sidewalk!

The perfect place to perch a Mini-Wee Doll!

So now we are selling Bev's Secret Portals and certain Mini-Wee Dolls as sets.

Check them out at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

For "secret" portals these doorways sure get a lot of use!




Here's another chance to save money at the





  Independence Day Season Ticket Special

for the

34th AnnualTexas Renaissance Festival

Saturday, Sunday and Thanksgiving Friday

October 11 - November 30, 2008 


With Midsummer celebrations underway, the King and Queen would like to offer a sizzling surprise for Independence Day.


For a limited time, their majesties are offering a 16 general admission ticket package for $236.00, with a bonus ticket for Thanksgiving Friday.

That's a saving of $6 per ticket or over $100 for the season!


Purchase your season tickets to the 2008 Texas Renaissance Festival before midnight on the Fourth of July for star-spangled savings. 

 You can make your purchase online by clicking here or by calling our main office, Monday - Friday during normal business hours, at 800-458-3435.


To receive more information, contact TRF at 800-458-3435 or visit their website at


Texas Renaissance Festival

21778 FM 1774

Plantersville, Texas 77363






May you have many beautiful unretouched sunsets like this one...happy days!

(Longer Issue next time.....)


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