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January 2010            Issue 35



Place your full focus, 

full attention 

in each moment 

and not elsewhere

so that you do not miss

 what you have longed to experience. 



an excerpt from the latest Earth-Keeper Chronicles by James Tyberron



What we have Longed to Experience

by Kandra Niagra


        Ok, so this new Goodwill Store had it's Grand Opening

on a freezing cold, rainy winter day in Bastrop, Texas.

In spite of the really unbelieveably bad weather, there was quite a large crowd milling about in the store,

the Dollmaker among them... and she had her eye on the Book Section.

The Dollmaker saw her chance- a crevice in the sea of people- she slipped in closer,

eek! only to find herself targeted by a small but mighty paperback,

 having dislodged itself somehow (couldn't have been the jostling of the crowd...)

from a stack on an upper shelf, it was knocking off several much larger books

in the process of hurling itself through the air right toward the Dollmaker.

She caught it.

 What! Hey! (as the gentle reader might suspect,

this was actually not the first time a book had ever flown off of a shelf at the Dollmaker)

 and the Dollmaker's eyes narrowed.

There was some kind of woo-woo at work here...

She checked out the title:

Of Course it was:

Life on the Other Side

by Sylvia Browne



                                 It was $2.00. The Dollmaker, with a pained expression,

 murmured to the saleslady that the book prices were kind of expensive here-

 after all,  you can go to the Ladies of Charity Thrift Store and get paperbacks for a quarter.

She was about to put the book back,

when the Saleslady

(a skinny little black lady who might have been a Shaman medicine woman in disguise as an ordinary sales clerk)

 turned to the Dollmaker and in a high-pitched voice said,

"$2.00 is not a lot to pay for a Sylvia Browne book."

She looked at the Dollmaker concernedly,

and assured her that within this book

there would be information that would be worth way more than $2.00 to her.


The Dollmaker bought the book.



After all, the Dollmaker figured,

it does take some guts to presume to teach

the average still-alive citizen about

The Other Side.



Let's face it, some people don't even believe

that there IS another Side,

so we can start there with the problems this author must have encountered ...


Fortunately, the Dollmaker did lean toward 

the Concept of There Being Another Side,

and it could even be said that she had some fanciful ideas of her own

about what it must be like...

So she proceeded to read on.



 The Dollmaker found that, in her book about The Other Side,

Ms. Browne proposes many ideas, both wildly preposterous and vaguely familiar,

such as the existence of Towers, gardens, pets, books,

 an incredible all-pervading feeling of Love,

lots of things to do and ideal weather conditions....

On the Other Side.


So, it's just like here....?  No, actually it's quite a bit better than here.


However, there is one thing that We have on This Side

that The Other Side doesn't have!

Listen to this!

"There is no precipitation on The Other Side, no rain, snow, sleet or hail.

There is no wind stronger than an occasional gentle breeze, no heat waves, and no cold fronts."

See that!

So it was just as the Shaman Woman in disguise at the Goodwill Store had said

 about the Sylvia Browne Book...

The Dollmaker had indeed been provoked, incited even- to thought! 


Could it be that we long to experience the Wild Earth?

The roaring, swirling, tumbling, sparking, drenching, crashing Power of Creation!

That in spite of- or because of- the fundamental tensions on this planet

we Humans just love to come to Earth!


We Love this place!



       There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.

That will be the beginning.

-Louis L'Amour       



The best and most beautiful things in the World 

cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart.

    -Helen Keller     



The Great Mother

has been added to the Dollmaker's painting

formerly called


Creating Sacred Space


“Artists have stared out of windows and into their souls for a very long time. 

It is something in the staring-out that enables us to do the looking-in.”


- Walking In This World: The Practical Art of Creativity

Julia Cameron




Speaking of Sacred Space

and BOOKS...

See now what the Dollmaker's Friends are up to:

Lucretia and Gaila wrote a Book! Yay!


It's called:

Peace and Healing for the World 

Using Altars!

These ladies have the idea!

They are showing us how to create Sacred Space 

using Altars!     

  ta da!  


Lucretia says, in her webpage on


Altars symbolize a desire to manifest spiritual connection in our every day life, 

to bring the sacred into every thought, feeling, and action. 

 We can imagine and create an altar for anything and everything...


read the rest of the article at:

Check out the website

and about Lucretia:



Now, Altars need not be so formal as these....


the sentiment of the heart may be expressed even with slender means!


Creating Sacred Space

with Available Materials

Alright, sometimes when the spirit is strong in us,

 though we may dearly wish that we could jump up

and carve a ninety foot deity into the side of a cliff...

usually we just don't have a few hundred years or the tools

for this type of personal expression,

so when you need a Sacred Space and you need one fast,

Do what people in hundreds of cultures around the world do:

Stack Rocks.

Say you are ankle-deep in a lovely sparkling little wilderness creek

and suddenly a feeling of holiness descends upon you!

What can you do?

Simply pile a few large rocks on top of one another!

(oh heck- go for it and stack up dozens of them!)

 Instant Sacred Space!



"A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it,

 bearing within him the image of a cathedral."  

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Yes, gentle readers, all around the world people stack rocks.

(Just google "rock piles" or "stacking rocks"

Iceland especially is big on the idea,

also England, Mexico, Japan, Canada, the USA, and South Africa!)


Ottawa, Canada

 by victorgin


Sequim, Washington

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge 


Mexico by irontree


There seems to be quite an assortment of places on our Home Planet here

where humans have felt the spirit move within them

strongly enough to jump up and spontaneously add 

their own little touch 

to the glory of nature.


The definition of the word "Cairn" is:

a manmade pile of rocks.





San Diego, California

PEGGY PEATTIE / Union-Tribune  San Diego. Rock stacks left by Juncal stood silhouetted against the setting sun at Tamarack Avenue. Sometimes the wind, or even the vibrations of the rocks themselves, can bring them down. Order souvenir U-T photos


 Zurich, Switzerland

Posted by QuiteTall


Coming across a carefully and lovingly stacked rock pile unexpectedly-

where someone had created

 a rudimentary Sacred Space...

is so sweetly human that


the tendency to resonate with the place can be strong


Naturally, folks who resonate with rocks seldom can resist the temptation

to add a few stones of their own selection

to an already-established pile.


Hikers Rock Pile

 Cape Point, South Africa

picture by Slynooly 



And maybe it doesn't roll over,

and isn't excited to play,

but rocks always sit when you tell them,

and rocks really know how to stay.


-excerpt from a poem by Kenn Nesbitt

full poem at:



Vancouver, Canada

It's called an inukshuk.

photograph by Fiona Scott   English Bay,




The work of the "Old Pros"


Another Surprise!

Did you know that there really are

 Rock-Stacking Professionals?

oh yes.

check this out:

 Team Sandtastic 

Some AWESOME Stacking!

" All we use are rocks... no glues... no wires.. no tricks.

We never create the exact same stack twice. "

Heads up folks, you can invite this guy to

stack rocks at your private party!

Click on this LINK! 

check them out!!


 Stone-Stacking Pros

Now here is the work of San Francisco-based rock sculptor Bill Dan

His art, the discipline and craft of rock balancing.

He balances and stacks stones all around the world.

Included are images of Bill's balanced stones and rocks,

links to other rock balancers and examples of their work,

 with information about naturally balancing rocks and

world-wide stone balancing and rock stacking traditions.

 a skilled professional


Check this guy out!

And did you know that the Dollmaker

 has dabbled in a little Rock Stacking herself!





"Then, as you enter into 2010, you will enter into the Year of the Sacred Rose,

when Earth once again begins to manifest Sacred Spaces

that are filled with Living Light, Joy and Celebration!

These will be Multi-Dimensional Points of Creation and Magic

for the manifestation of the new Earth energies."

-Celia Fenn and Starchild Global 


Hello There.

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The Recycled Object


This is Queen Chow Mein.

She has a secret. 

A secret compartment.

In fact,  she IS a secret compartment.

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Next month,

Cream of Potato Boy

and many others.

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