The Wee Peeple Newsletter     

  December 2007                                      Issue 10    



Now a carpet of leaves covers the trail,

and all is silent under a dark moon.

Warm-bodied creatures huddle together, seeds burrow into the earth.

This is the time of Mother Night.

Mother Night teaches 

about the wonder of Times of Darkness...

how babies develop in the darkness of the womb before they are born into the light

how seeds germinate in the black earth before they sprout

how living creatures sleep at night to renew themselves...

how all of Nature is cyclical, and that the dark part of the cycle is essential

for it is the time when physical manifestations are still forming and yet unborn

the time of ideas, the dreamtime.






 It's been a great year.     

Time to reflect and give thanks.



Time to paint again...




These paintings- taking them all out again- after 11 weeks-

I begin to fancy that these paintings are connected

to one another...

and that together they represent some kind of a journey- 



The paintings take the perspective of the traveler observing the path ahead.

Sometimes the traveler seems to soar,

(perhaps shaman-like, in the body of a bird, over the landscape- )

and sometimes to walk, climbing over boulders, finding the path of least resistance-

 There is a river the traveler is following- 

it is a long arduous journey through incredible mountain-scapes- often a deep ravine or treacherous precipice beside the path- this huge dividing crack in the landscape,

but there is almost always some kind of a Path leading ahead... .




A definite sense of impersonal peril is often implied- dangerous cliffs- rivers rushing over the edge- 

yet the boulders are smooth and inviting and sensuous- I want the traveler's feet to touch them, to feel their heat or their mossiness.



The traveler begins to realize that these lands are magical- even more magical than they seem- 

The longer I am on this silent journey, the more the magic reveals itself- 

the more the colors form the shapes and the shapes form natural entrances and tunnels

 like the way the sea sculpts the sand ...



and the more I want to go into those entrances and travel through those tunnels built of magic. 

This traveler never gets tired of turning around another bend to get the perspective from the other side.



 Perhaps I came to this planet imagining the feel of roundness in stone, 

imagining that I would savor that unique three-dimensional thing that goes on here...



This story which began long before there were words to describe it...

this story of boulders and valleys and doorways, 

of a dream journey fraught with peril and beauty....


and it has just begun... this story of a thousand paintings...






It will be great

to see you in 2008!!



Have a Blessed New Year!

Kandra Niagra, Dollmaker




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