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December 2009            Issue 34










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Speaking of Garments...

Everybody Watch Out now!

Extreme FASHION Design

has begun to serve as a

New Source of Inspiration for the Dollmaker...

While shopping in a country thrift store, the Dollmaker

happened upon this book:

Style for All Seasons

by David and Elizabeth Emanuel

Their Designs are extremely ROMANTIC

(In fact, their claim to fame was the creation of the wedding dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales)

A little more research and the Dollmaker found this

inspiring video...

(You can enlarge it to full screen by clicking the little red box below the movie)












This Winter the Dollmaker will be studying animal masks

and animal totems





Go Here:


and this Wolf Animal Totem Companion Doll


All actually for sale on ETSY right now!

and also, my friends...

 the Dollmaker might be interested

in making YOUR Totem Animal...


check with her....






December Painting

The Last Painting of the Year







on December 31st...

on the last day of the year....


Keep your eye on the sky

for the second full moon of the month

The Blue Snow Moon!


The Once-in-a-Blue-Moon Lunar Eclipse

on New Year's Eve! WOW! Nature is going all-out!

(and the Fairie Folk particularly adore moments of transition, you know...

when the "veil is thin", as they say...)
















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til next time.....

See you in the New Year!