The Wee Peeple Newsletter 

August 2010            Issue 42



Within the enlightened city of Austin there are

what the Dollmaker calls "wild zones"...

While out "Geo-Caching", friends stumbled upon an old bottle dump. yay!

Bottle-Hunting Adventure Time!



Hordes of

 teeny weeny sticky burrs

 hindered the expedition...

 millions of them

stuck to shoelaces, backpacks, pants, hair...



 the Dollmaker arrived home with

a nice collection of some very twisted and gnarly

 Old Glass Jars and Bottles:


Just HOW OLD WERE these old jars and bottles?

Inquiring minds needed to know. 

One of the gnarly jars had a word on it.


What's That?

From the Treasure Chronicle Website:

 The Moroline Jar seems to be a very common find

and has generated more emails than any single item on the Treasure Chronicle website.


What is Moroline? 

 Moroline is the equivalent of our modern day

Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Is it old?

 Moroline was first used in January of 1931.




What is the Dollmaker going to do

 with all those... gently aged...

jars and bottles?




oh, she will think of something....



 Summer Project:

Staining the Porch 


Stain on porch

Rain on Stain

right. If you want it to rain, just stain the porch.

Just look at how that waterproof stain worked though!

Well, that project got put on hold....


And in the "Embracing Mundane Reality" Department:



Then REal Disaster Struck the Dollmaking Studio!

The Dollmaker asks WHY?

WHY is the air conditioning unit up in the attic?

The A/C drain pipe clogs up, and water overflows the drain pan...

oops... not good.


The pile of soaking wet insulation and sheet rock which was on top of the braided rug has been removed here so that the floor could start drying...

Totally unscathed,

      Wee Peeple Dolls       watched the whole thing from the sidelines.





The day the Dollmaker found the ceiling on the floor.


The new

 floating cut-off switch



Then the sheetrock 

had to be repaired.


Neighbor Brad installed a float switch inside the drain pan, which will cut off the A/C unit if the drain line backs up and water begins to fill up the drain pan.

Anyway, it's all fixed now.  Yay.

Whew.  It's a good thing, too,


Don't we have a class coming up?


A Beginner Class 

Class Date:


Special rate for a depressed economy:

 $75.00 per person

(and a $5.00 discount per person if you come in groups)


Be prepared to stay all day.

11:00 AM to 6:00-7:00 PM

if you are coming,

call or email ahead for reservations



is entering another Art Dolls Only Challenge:


with the Dollmaker's version of:

The Finished Doll

Here he is laughing and dancing around, all smug,

thinking that the clueless princess can't figure out his name.... 

ha    ha

Challenges! Challenges!

 for the August Mini-Monthly Challenge:

The Dollmaker chose to make


(Yes, The Queen of Cups (Hearts) is next....)



Meanwhile... at the

The Wee Peeple Shoppe Tower got

Summer Project:  Replace Tower Roof

These are the last two roofs

 in a five-year

roof-replacement project.

Rose Joe (yeah, the ROSE guy!) did a beautiful job this summer replacing the Tower roof

and the upper West-facing roof. 

The Dollmaker went with a smart and stylish roofing trend emerging at the festival:

Ordinary asphalt shingles transformed!

 Cut and patterned tastefully, they create this "storybook" effect!

The Dollmaker particularly

likes the pointy little 

faux-copper  peak

Joe added at the top--->>>

Way-more-fireproof-than-wood shingles, too.



the Printed Head

Vintage style graphic arts





perfect for... 






check out this

 very cool

3D mixed-media



Carton Land



by ana serrano

Made from 

Milk Cartons






Some Dolls Have all the Luck

Remember this picture from the May Issue...

When Kandy posed with the dolls she bought that day...

Well, folks, this is where those dolls live now:


Do you believe this! Just look at them! 

And they are not just on vacation... they live there.

Yes, these are some LUCKY Dolls!


Dollmaker celebrates birthday

Well, it's not Cozumel, but the Dollmaker did celebrate her birthday with a 

Kayaking Adventure Down the Colorado River!

A good time was had by all!


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