In the Year 2011 the Dollmaker participated in a

Meet Val, a Traveling Doll

made for the "ART DOLLS ONLY"






Spirit Mama put out the word

And round the world the call was heard;

A Proclamation sent across the land

The Traveling Doll Project was at hand!

The Traveling Doll Project began...

This is how it worked:

The Dollmaker was on a Team with 3 members

Every team member started

 a Doll and a Travel Journal/Scrapbook

The Journal went with the Doll on her Journey,

as the Doll visited each of the other two Dollmakers


Some of the dolls made last year, at various stages in their creation.



So, each Dollmaker adds her own touch to the Doll

and sends it on to the next Dollmaker.

And in the end, the Doll returns to it's original owner!


This is Our Gal from Smithville, Texas... 

Val (made around Valntine's Day)


Traveler, whistler, heart box collector, repair-it-herselfer, string keeper,

 giggler, feather saver, juggler, thrift-store shopper, kite-flyer,

Giant Chocolate Kiss giver, cocoon watcher, Halloween lover, junk queen,

forest path finder, birdsong identifier, Pez-eater and... car mechanic.

She traveled to

Days Creek, Oregon,

to Dollmaker Rachel Whetzel's home,

 and after that she headed out to Buffalo, New York 

to visit with Dollmaker, Nicole Johnson.


Had to get a new engine in there fast!


Val checking her engine...

oops! It wasn't there! 



hmmm, could use a back window... mirrors looked good...

 with her Heart-shaped Luggage and Travel Journal...


She had a great adventure! So great that she never did come home!

Enjoy the world Val, wherever you are!



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