It was enthusiastic approach to...



Stay tuned for the next Scheduled Class!

..a Zoom Class for the General Public- all ages are invited..

It usually starts at around 6PM and runs for about 40 minutes.


To Paint Rocks along with the Dollmaker...

these Materials will be needed:




Materials List:


1. Smooth River Rocks in an Oval Shape

2. Acrylic Paints in Orange, White, and Black

          and an Eye Color (such as yellow, green or blue)

3. a medium tip Magic Marker (permanent ink)

4. small paintbrushes (one small and one VERY small)

5. a jar of water to wash the brushes

6. paper towel (or cloth) to wipe off the brushes

7. a palette... this could be a lid from a jar or a dish..



Optional materials:

1. Colored Magic markers can be used (but are nowhere near as satisfying as paint)

2. Crayons can also be used (but are dull and don't cover the rocks well)

(these materials are for people who can't get paint)

The Class will run for 40 minutes

at which time Zoom will end the session.

However, the link can be used to get back into the class again

to complete a second Rock Painting...



Since this is an Online Zoom Class

you must have the ZOOM APP downloaded onto your computer

and be familiar with the Zoom Procedure.


All students will receive a Zoom Invitation

(either through the Email or through Facebook Messenger)

after their Paypal payment is recognized by the Dollmaker.


The Class will cost $11.00 per person.

Here is the Paypal button to use to pay for the class:




the Dollmaker looks forward to sharing this fun Painting Experience

with whomever wants to join in.





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